IMGP0673a copy Tilo b&w                                                                       Call him the Salvadorean Spitfire, call him the Timbale Terror; call him Viajante's secret weapon; but whatever you call him, make sure you watch and listen, so that you can learn from and be amazed by a Master Percussionist. Tilo's drumming career spans 5 decades, and like the proverbial Duracell Bunny, he keeps going, going and going..... Tilo started drumming at the tender age of 14, when he successfully auditioned for one of the busy big bands in San Salvador, the capital of Tilo's home country El Salvador.  Since then Tilo has established himself as a leading recording artist, performer, band leader and composer throughout Central America.  In 1990 the civil war in El Salvador compelled Tilo and his family to leave their homeland and come to Canada.  More to come.....     Cover photo