Viajante World Beat Drum Ensemble

To create and foster

harmony between;

body & spirit,

student & teacher,

fellow percussionists,

and the community at large

in the pursuit and appreciation of all things rhythmic.

To strive to the best of our abilities

each to our own,

to become worthy ambassadors

of Latin American percussion music in all its forms.

                                             - Della Letnes -

We are a hand drumming ensemble located in Edmonton, Alberta, and we have been busy drumming since 2001.  Our musical director is the incomparable Master Percussionist Tilo Paiz, and we are known for our energetic and joyful performances.  We also love collaborating, not only with other musical groups but with dancing and theatre groups as well.  The world is our oyster, musically speaking… Thanks to our wonderful webmaster Kim, our website is now up and running.  We'll continue to add pictures and all kinds of interesting stuff, so make sure to visit often. We are always looking for new members, especially those that define themselves as 'boomers'...we are definitely a musical family, dedicated to playing and sharing our music with our community, any place and any time.  Experience and talent is not as important as wanting to be part of a happy collective.  If you are interested in joining, don't hesitate to contact us.  While we do strive to always improve the calibre of our performances, any drumming level is welcome and can be accommodated. Viajante is available for performances, workshops and drum circles. Contact us via e-mail:  You can also call Anne at: 780-637-2163.  We want to drum for you! DRUM1